CARAVAN EXPERT - Camper and caravan rent in Estonia
CARAVAN EXPERT - Camper and caravan rent in Estonia
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1. The motorhome (futher named as RV ) is released by LESSOR to LESSEE in a working technical condition, with working household equipment and sanitary conveniences, with tidy interior.

2. The LESSEE is obliged to return the RV in the time limit and to the place specified in this agreement.  In case the RV is returned beyond the agreed time limit without proper notification of the LESSOR, the LESSEE pays the LESSOR the whole rental fee for each day exceeding the time limit, plus 250 EUR fine.  The LESSOR has a right to use a deposit left by the LESSEE as a guarantee.

3. In case of any losses /damages, not covered by the insurance, are caused by the fault of the LESSEE  and if the  LESSEE does not submit any documents  maintaining his innocence, then the LESSEE will be required to compensate the whole losses/damages in full.

4. If any damage or loss occurring after expiry date of this agreement, but the RV is still used by the LESSEE,  the damage or loss is to be paid in full by the LESSEE.

5. The LESSEE pays to the LESSOR all amount of money specified in this agreement plus the deposit at the moment of signing the agreement and before receiving of the RV.

6.  In case of booking cancelation we shall keep the prepayment.


1. The LESSOR is obliged to give the LESSEE the right to use the rented RV without any obstacle.

2. If the LESSEE arrives to the LESSOR’s  property by  his vehicle, the LESSOR will store it  free of charge, at Caravan Expert’s premises during the rental period of the RV.


1. The LESSEE is obliged to use the RV with care and to keep it locked when left unattended.

2. In case of accident or damage the LESSEE is obliged to call the police no matter who is to be blamed for the accident. He is obliged to notify the LESSOR immediately. The LESSEE has to  assist the insurance company and the LESSOR in all the matters related to the accident.

3. The LESSEE does not have the right to travel by means of the RV, when he or the driver are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics, and must also not violate the borders, break the Road Traffic Law, the Traffic Code and any other vehicle laws of enforcement.

4. The driver of the RV must have valid driving license at least for a year and to be at least 21 years old with driving experience not less than 2.5  years. It is forbidden for the LESSEE to give up the driving of the RV to any other person except to the people who are authorized to do so in this agreement. Otherwise the LESSOR may keep the amount of money deposited by the LESSEE as a guarantee.

5.  It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the RV – fine is 500 EUR.

6. It is forbidden to keep pets inside the RV without permission of the LESSOR - fine 500 EUR.

5. Any controversy that may arise from this agreement will be governed by Estonian Law, and the Court of jurisdiction will be the Court of   Tallinn, also for connection and guarantee.

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